Sliding Facilities & Fun Surfing Facilities for Teens

Ellie Abyss

One of the largest family rafts at Garden City Water Park. Can ride together with up to 6 of your friends, and families. Get ready to scream at the top of your lungs.

Ellie Constrictor

Grab a hold of your friend’s hand, and begin to slide down on one of the gigantic slides in Garden City Water Par. Get ready for a spin-off trip because you are playing with our biggest water skateboarding.


Find out which of your friends is the fastest. Get ready to dive into the water with your head down while you are speed racing with your friend. Become the fastest WindiGo competitor.


Lift your head up and slide down with your partner, with your body against the wall while sliding down in a vertical position, turning and swirling while falling into the water.

Rocket Freefall

Take a deep breath as you descend on one of the most thrilling-fast slides. You have to hold your breath as you suddenly plunge 60km/hr into the water.

Uplooping Rocket

Get ready and experience one of the most fascinating water skiing while amazingly spin and spray water in style.


Experience riding on one of our largest skateboards, stretch your body in an exciting way at the fastest speed forward, and falling handsomely at 45km/hr.


Get ready to slide with this slider, which will give you boundless surprises with a drop and spin immediately when you fall into the water at 40 km per hour.

Sliding Facilities & Fun Rides for Families

Edwin Water Kingdom

Let’s start the fun! Bring your family and friends to enjoy a kingdom of 12 territories, experience a waterfall from a giant water tank that is ready to give you an unforgettable adventure.

Kids Paradise

Love every movement! Come and play in the water with us, join in the fun and race with your family, find the winner at our children’s playground with more than 5 slides to choose from to try out.

Wave Paradise

Come and relax with big the waves in our 1.8 meter deep Wave Paradise pool. Make sure you wear the correct safety clothing when you take off and fall through each wave that hits you.

Activity Pool

Sunbathing in our sunchair. Our daytime sunbathing enhances day-to-day relaxation activities. Relax with your family and enjoy a tanning experience like no other.

Surfing & Adventurous Facilities for Dividuals and Individuals


Strive up! Challenge your strength and get the perfect balance of your body, the unique surfing venue in Cambodia. Experience surfing with our expert trainers who are ready to bring fun to you.

Mekong River

Bring your family and friends to experience the longest Mekong River, 550 meters long, 0.9 meters deep, exploring the natural beauty surrounded by the waterfalls, including bridges and islands. Enjoy your perfect sunset scene.

Kids Splash


Feel safe with your belongings in our secured locker. You don’t need to carry around any key while enjoying your time. At Garden City Water Park, you can access your rented locker by scanning on your wristband. How cool!

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